COATING RESIN (Table Tops, Countertops, Bar Tops, Paintings)

Professional Resin

An advanced formula that dries fast and is UV resistant, Best for Coating Table Tops, Countertops, Bar Tops, and Paintings. UV stable so great for Coating Outdoors, Patio Furniture, Tables, and more Professional Resin are available in 3 different kit sizes
Professional Resin 1.2 L

1.2L (40 Oz) Kit

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  •  Instructions Included
Professional Resin and Hardener

1 Gallon (3.78 L) Kit

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  •  Instructions Included

3 Gallon (11.4 L) Kit

  •  Fast Shipping
  •  Instructions Included



Resinate Resins are non flammable and have no voc. Enjoy this safe odorless epoxy resin for your art projects. They can be used inside.

Made In Canada

Resinate is proud to be a Canadian company, Our products are locally manufactured in Calgary, Alberta.

Flat Rate Shipping

We have flat shipping rate of just $5 throughtout Canada and US. Use code FREESHIP for orders over $30 for free shipping!

Premium Quality

Our vision is to provide premium quality resin products to our artists which is affordable, non toxic and safe for environment.


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