How to mix Resin like a pro

Mixing resin is not rocket science…. right? I agree, that it’s not a difficult process but mixing resin is the key to making beautiful resin arts and crafts. In fact, it’s the biggest factor in your resin success. If you do it right you could avoid problems like bubbles, sticky resin, and waste. 

Once you learn how to do it right! You would be able to create amazing art and crafts for yourself or to put up for sale.

Resin Mixing Basics

Resin comes in a kit that has two parts: Part A and Part B . Part A is Resin and Part B is a hardener.

Before you start mixing, always read the safety measures for both. They are mentioned for each of our kits’ parts. 

Now, let’s get into the mixing resin process.

Read the Instructions

Remember, Not all resins mix the same way so always read the instructions first

There are three main things you should know about your epoxy resin: 

  • Mixing Ratio
  • Working time (Pot Life) 
  • Drying time

Always know your resin’s working time and drying time before you start, they are mentioned in the instructions for each kit or read the detailed comparison of all our resins

Mixing Ratio 

First figure out how much resin you need for your project, once you know the total volume of mixed resin you require, break it down into the amount of Part A resin and Part B hardener you need to mix. Each resin kit has a different ratio for mixing so to know how much Part A you mix with Part B? follow the instruction that comes with the kit.

If you buy resin at Resinate, we’ve included guidelines and instructions in all our resin kits for you. 

Gather Supplies and Prep Your Area

For clean and accurate dispensing of our Resins, it’s best to use the Premium Pump

pump set is a game changer it makes measuring a lot easier and prevents spillage. they fit on our larger bottles, both 1-gallon, and 3-gallon resin kit sets, and come in a set of 2, you can use 1 for resin and 1 for hardener to avoid waste. 

The good news is these are reusable resin pumps that can be routinely rinsed out with paint thinner or acetone to prolong use.

since our resins are nonflammable and have no VOC. you can work inside on your art projects. 

Mix and Ready to use

Pour the two parts together and stir well. Scrape the stirring stick several times during the process. As you mix, the streaks will disappear. it’s best to stir your resin slow to prevent bubbles. You can clean your silicone stir sticks and reuse them.

Want to Add Colors

Generally you can add colors to the resin after it’s mixed,howeverResin colors have their own specific instructions. Most of our color product are compatible with all our Resins

Once you start mixing, set a reminder to focus on your work. Time and resin both are precious, you want to use all your resin before it starts to cure. Always check the resin’s working time (Pot Life) and drying time in the instructions.


If you have any other question feel free to reach us through email or social media


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