Glow in the Dark Color Powders


Mica Powder that Glows in the Dark!

50 Gram (1.7 Oz) Bottles

6 Color Options

Compatible with all our Resins

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Magical Glow in the Dark Mica Color Powders are added to the Resin and emit light in the dark due to the presence of luminescent material. They add a unique and mesmerizing effect to any object or surface, making them perfect for creating eye-catching designs and displays. The glowing effect lasts for hours, which can be a great feature for safety and emergency lighting. They can be used in a range of applications, from arts and crafts to various industries. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Glowing resin colors can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Arts and Crafts to create unique and eye-catching art pieces, jewelry, and other craft items.
  • Home Decor items like lamps, light fixtures, and decorative objects, to create a beautiful and functional effect.
  • Safety and Emergency Lighting: such as exit signs, emergency lighting, and control devices, to enhance visibility and improve safety.
  • Signage and Advertising: such as billboards and displays, to create a unique and attention-grabbing effect.
  • Night Events: where unique and attention-grabbing lighting effects are desired.
  • Automotive and Marine Applications to create unique and personalized lighting effects.


The powder is “charged” by exposing it to natural or artificial light and then adding a small amount and mixing it in resin. Glow in the Dark Mica Color Powder can be dispersed into all of our Resins Regular EpoxyUltracast, or Professional Resin

*** Please be advised that our PURPLE glow powder requires more charging than the rest of our colors. The PURPLE glow powder should be charged in direct sunlight for a few hours before it will glow ***


Choose from 6 beautiful resin colors, Get a Discount when you buy 3 or more, see the table below


10 – 12 Grams of Glow Powder will color approximately 100 mL of Resin + Hardener. Add more if you want it to shine brighter.


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Sky Blue, Purple, Yellow Green, Blue Green, Red, Pink Orange, Orange Yellow


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